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The Shed covers five woodworking groups:  toy making, furniture/cabinet making, woodturning, wood carving and pyrography and has an extensive range of woodworking machines and hand tools for use by members.

Members can choose to work on their own projects or participate in our toy or shed projects. Some members come for the social aspects associated with a like-minded group, or to learn, improve and hone their woodworking skills.   No prior woodworking skills are required and members can learn from skilled supervisors and access the knowledge of other members of the Shed and our Library.Woodturning

Membership is open to both men and women of all ages over 14, subject to the individual’s capacity to accept verbal and written instruction and to work safely with machinery, which if used incorrectly can be dangerous.  Safety procedures are in place both for your own protection and the protection of members.

For those approaching retirement as well as those already retired, the Shed provides a social outlet that many lose when they retire from the permanent workforce.  Members’ wives and partners support the existence of the Shed and its aims and objectives, because it provides an enjoyable social and rewarding activity outside the home.

The Shed, in November 2017, donated 450 toys to disadvantaged children via its charities and has done so for many years.  As well as toys, Shed members have been involved in the construction of specialised furniture and equipment for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and other local and regional organisations.

Whilst the Shed membership consists of mainly retirees, there are a significant number of young and employed members.

While the Shed accepts commissions from third parties to raise funds, members are not permitted to use the Shed’s resources for the purposes of commercial activities.


The Shed accepts donations of suitable standard wood (excluding particleboard, MDF board and Masonite), and unwanted useful tools and equipment.  The suitability of any proposed donation will be assessed before delivery.  Generally the Shed does not buy wood, tools or equipment that are surplus to needs but appreciates donations and is an excellent recycler.  Any items not distributed to members, or retained for Shed use, are sold to raise funds for the Shed’s operations.

The Constitution

The Constitution contains the governing rules of the Shed and are registered with NSW Fair Trading.

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The Constitution

Standing Orders

Our Standing Orders are general advice and rules for the safe and efficient use of the Shed’s Facilities by members.

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Standing Orders

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