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Selecting and Drying Turning Woods.

By Greg Croker Regarding the selection of wood for turning there is mostly no choice as the tree to be felled is selected for a non-turning requirement or has blown over during a storm etc. Which are the better species of trees to select? In our area eucalyptus trees are predominant with the acacias next? […]

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What’s the best wood screw to use on your next project?

Choosing the right wood screw used to be simple, but technological developments in construction and wood products manufacturing have spawned an extensive range of new screws in recent decades. There are so many choices, it’ll positively make your head spin! Sandor Nagyszalanczy of the Woodworkers Journal offers a brief overview of the history, features and […]

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A Wonderful Story from One of Our Members

As one nearing ‘three score years and ten,’ it is hard to know how much to include in such an article about myself, the good, the bad or the ugly? Since finishing my coffin, I did wonder if this summary of my life could complete the set by forming part of my Eulogy. My twin […]

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NorthConnex Partners With Men’s Shed To Deliver New Homes For Wildlife

A unique partnership between the NorthConnex project and Hornsby Woodworking Men’s Shed is providing new homes for local wildlife. Over the past 12 months, Men’s Shed volunteers have created 72 custom-designed nest boxes for possums, bats and birds. NorthConnex Project Director, Robert Ioffrida, said construction of the NorthConnex project involves the clearance of some native […]

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