NorthConnex Partners With Men’s Shed To Deliver New Homes For Wildlife

A unique partnership between the NorthConnex project and Hornsby Woodworking Men’s Shed is providing new homes for local wildlife. Over the past 12 months, Men’s Shed volunteers have created 72 custom-designed nest boxes for possums, bats and birds.

NorthConnex Project Director, Robert Ioffrida, said construction of the NorthConnex project involves the clearance of some native vegetation and the new animal homes would offset the removal of hollow-bearing trees in the local area “We’re committed to protecting the sensitive environment in which we’re working. Our goal is not only to minimise our impact on the environment but to leave a lasting legacy long after we have completed the project. “This unique partnership will ensure nesting habitats are provided for a range of wildlife such as micro-bats, possums, small birds, medium-sized parrots, cockatoos and Powerful Owls. Our project ecologists will inspect the nest boxes in the coming months to check they are being used and that no pest species have occupied them.”

The Shed’s Secretary, Philip Hirshbein, said “a number of members put aside their own work to focus on the project. All 72 boxes were constructed to a high standard, using good quality materials and machinery in the Shed. We are delighted with the result and look forward to seeing them used by local wildlife.”

In total, 29 new nest boxes have been installed in the reserve next to Haines Avenue, Carlingford and the nearby Blue Gum Creek. Another 43 nest boxes have been installed throughout Wahroonga and Normanhurst, including a public park located off Eastbourne Avenue in Wahroonga. The nest boxes are one of a number of initiatives developed in consultation with Ku-ring-gai Council, which aim to mitigate the impact on the local environment. Other initiatives include: Re-using the timber from local trees for local environmental projects; Setting aside timbers with naturally occurring hollows for re-use in alternate locations to be determined in co-operation with local government environmental teams…..

Media Release from Cassandra O’Connor, Media and Community Adviser, Lendlease Bouygues Joint Venture, on 8 February 2017

installing nesting box




nesting box

4 replies on “NorthConnex Partners With Men’s Shed To Deliver New Homes For Wildlife”

Hi, great project to d4velop the nesting boxes.

Are you able to provide specifications and plans used for the boxes, in particular the type of timber used to ensure a long life for the box?

Thank you.


I am in need of a brushtail possum box. Do you have any remaining boxes? If not, could one be made?

Thanks you.

Hi Gary,

I’ve forwarded your request on to the President and hopefully someone can help you.

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