33A Sefton Rd
NSW 2120

Safety and Housekeeping


The sheds main aim is for you to work safely, to achieve this you must help yourself, to do this it is essential you start with the following procedures:

  1. Think what equipment can be used and pick the most suitable machine/tool for the job.
  2. Think or ask what can go wrong.
  3. What will I do if it does go wrong.
  4. Make sure work area is clear of any obstructions.
  5. If uncertain about any part of operation ask a supervisor, if still uncertain get a second opinion.
  6. Leave work area clean and tidy when finished this includes putting tools back where they belong.
  7. Never leave a machine unattended while it is still in motion regardless of whether or not you have turned machine off at stop switch, if something is still moving it is unsafe to walk away.

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