Wesley Mission Toy Handover

For many years, we have an organised Toy Group that produces hundreds of items solely to donate to our two charities, Wesley Mission and the Salvation Army. As usual, Wesley contacted us in advance to arrange the pick-up. They are always very appreciative of the range and number of items displayed on and around our craft table, ready for them.

“Wesley Brighter Futures works with families with children aged between 0 – 8 years. We work with families who may be dealing with issues including mental health, alcohol/drug use, domestic violence and parenting challenges. The presents we receive each year from the Hornsby Woodworking Men’s Shed are always very popular. The hand-made nature of the gifts provides a special, more personal touch for children who often receive few other gifts at Christmas time.

Once we pick up the toys, we distribute them across our three offices to ensure that each team receives a variety of toys. Staff then select toys that best suit their clients and take them out during the Christmas period to families.”

On Christmas Eve, Prue sent us a further message;

“Hi Phil, I wanted to say thank you to the HWMS for all the hard work and time that went into the children’s toys this year. With your help we are able to provide some extra Christmas joy to our families every year, and we truly appreciate all the work you do over the year!
We wish you and the Men’s Shed a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
Prue Ghali | Regional Services Coordinator, Wesley Mission Brighter Futures.

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Wow. You guys and girls do some amazing work! Love the bright colours too keep it up. Ps the dust extraction system in the first photo…. holy moly very flash =)

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